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Survival Foods

By: Dennis Miles

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     As long as I have known Dennis he has spent more time outdoors than in, he is an avid trekker, mostly going alone, but sometimes with one or two other, and he has been a member of the AMM since 1994.

This paper is going to be a guide (sort of) to wild edibles and the methods to procure and ways to eat them. Including, fauna, fowl, plants and yes, insects.(they are quite good, trust me). It will also touch on some medicinal plants. There are literally hundreds of things I could include in this paper, but I will write about only the ones that I have had personal experience with.

The first time I really realized that some of the brothers I was camping with were not quite versed at what was edible or not was at the AMM Eastern in the Illinois country in 1994. I was tearing apart an old rotted log around daylight when someone came up and asked what I was doing, when I told him I was looking for breakfast, he chuckled, wished me luck and walked away muttering something about "tetched". What I was looking for and found was a dozen or so of those big, fat wood grub worms. These are fine eating either raw, just pop ‘em in your mouth and chew, or just swallow for the less brave. But I had a different method in mind for these. I took them over to a small fire, and scraped a few coals aside and laid the delicacies near them and toasted them. A fine meal they made too. Somewhat to the chagrin of not a few fellows.

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