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Survival Foods (Page 6)

By: Dennis Miles

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Wild plants are everywhere, a big Ďol salad bar, if you will.. Letís look at some of them. Again, I will only deal with the ones that I have actual experience with.

Lets start with the dandelion. In the early spring the greens are good raw , boiled or fried up with some fatback or Beaver Tail, if you got it. A litle later the yellow blossems are good in stews, raw or deep fried. They also make GREAT wine, but that is another subject all together.

Goldenrod makes a GREAT tea. Parker Moore taught me this one at a camp here in Ohio several years ago. I have only done this a couple of times since, and I hope I am remembering it right. Gather the tops of the Goldenrod(pollen) and boil it into tea, you can sweeten it up some with a touch of muscavado, but it is not necessary as the tea stands well alone. The first time I tried this was at a no food camp in Ohio in Nov. It was in the high 30ís to low 40ís and raining like Noahís flood, the tea was welcomed by all. I have since been told that you can dry this and make flour, but I havenít tried it.

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