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Survival Foods (Page 2)

By: Dennis Miles

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Well, I guess grubs-n-such are as good of a place to start as any. One of the first thing folks ask is how can eating a few grubs, grasshoppers &c. be enough to keep a person going, seems to be slim pickings. It is true that eating a few insects at a sitting or when they present themselves throughout the day will not "fillí you up like a meal of fat cow, the nutritional value is there, and quite high. By weight, termites,grubs, grasshoppers &c. are a better source of protein than beef, chicken, pork or lamb. They are also low in fat and cholesterol.1 And calorie-wise, the consumption of 1kg. of grasshoppers equals that of 11 hot dogs, 6 pizzas or 5 Big Macs! And like it or not, there are acceptable standards in all of our "modern" foods for insect content, so if you are going to eat them anyway(up to a pound or two a year3), you may as well do it right. Okay, now that we have established that you can eat and actually fatten up on insects, lets look at methods of catching and eating.

Lets start with the lowly grub worm. These are found easily by tearing up and digging into rotted logs and stumps, they can also be found by digging into soft earth, although they are harder to find this way. The easiest way to eat these and probably the best is to just pull the head and legs off, and pop it in your mouth, chewing is optional. Although their flavor is somewhat nutty. They do not taste like chicken! The other options are toasting or frying. To toast them, just rake a few hot coals out of your fire and make a circle of them and put the worms in the center, just lightly toast them up, till they are light brown and slightly crunchy. Another way is to fry them alone or with some with some wild greens such as dandelion. You can also boil them up in a broth or stew.

Grasshoppers, locusts and crickets are much the same when it comes to eating them. First, catching them can be hard(in the case of grasshoppers and locusts), I will use my shirt in a field as a net or if you get to them early in the morning when it is cooler they are less active. Crickets can be found easily and are simple to catch. With these insects, first remove the wings and legs, there is no food value in them and they will not digest. I personally prefer these toasted or fried in the same manner as grubs, just till they are a little crunchy. They also are okay to boil up for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes, then they can be eaten as a soup or mashed up into a gruel. The last way is to eat them raw. Again, nutritionally speaking this is probably the best way.

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