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Historical Seed Train

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Real Name: Anonymous

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:04 pm    Post subject: Historical Seed Train Reply with quote

Ok, let's give a seed train a try:

Here's the rules:

1.) Person A offers a packet of seeds. Packet can contain any number, but please try to send at least 6. Person B likes what is offered and says "I'll take those and in turn offer..." Person C likes those and offers another packet of seeds.

2.) To qualify for accepting an offer, you need to post what you are offering in return in the same post.

3.) When each trade is posted, please pm or email the person who offered the seeds and work out the shipping arrangements.

4.) The person receiving the seeds will pay no shipping because the person who sends them will have received their seeds without paying shipping as well. This will keep the thread moving along without a lot of complications.

5.) Try to be as specific as possible about the seeds. If you know the zones where they grow, list 'em. If you know for a fact the seeds grew in your garden last year, list where you are

6) Seeds need to be heritage/heirloom/ and/or home-grown. If you can include a little back ground on the seeds, that would be cool.

Any questions, post or PM me.

I'll start this off. I'll offer Seneca Red Stalker Corn, We grew this 2 years ago in our garden in NH and it did reasonably well. This is a red dent corn, good for fluor or parching, or decoration. The furthest back I have solid documentation is 1812, but I'm sure its earlier.

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Joined: 05 Oct 2010
Posts: 104
Location: Brooklyn New York
Real Name: Michael Littlejohn

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:16 pm    Post subject: Orinoco Tobacco Reply with quote

Nice idea Dave, lets see if it flies..

I offer Orinoco Tobacco seed, which has an ancient association with the Orinoco Native Americans of Virginia and was commonly grown by the Jamestown settlers. It is a pipe tobacco, and the plant is big and robust. It is a heavy feeder to fertilize well, on top of a small well composted manure pile is best. I have heard recently that it is grown in New York State, parts of Canada, thrives in the Deep South and even in dry climates like California. The seed is extremely tiny, it is often broadcast by mixing with sand or some seed like mustard.

6 packets available.
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