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White Birch Bark Tips

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Joined: 14 May 2007
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Location: Gallatin, TN
Real Name: Jason W. Gatliff

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 11:34 pm    Post subject: White Birch Bark Tips Reply with quote

usin white birch bark and a lead ball ta send messages \
with or as a instant work surface in the woods for
lock repair etc etc is nice to use for not losing
much needed parts!also for a cleaning small game
on as well or as instant leggings with a bit of sinew
ta tye them around ones lower legs.this way ya wont
get torn up wearing cloth britches on brush,
the best yet was takin some paper bark and cutting it
it in strips then after making patch grease take the
shavings and wipe the inside of the cup or pot down
with the paper,this is a nice addition to get a good
fire started with your charcloth goin good n fast and
gettin things to burn in a winter time setting or when
its usually fairly windy,just lay the charcloth on
top of the greased up(usually beeswax and beef or
deer tallow,sometimes olive oil when we raid an enemy
ship!)birch paper and it will keep the charcloth up
off the ground and ignite the paper real well.
birch paper can be rolled into tubes to hold a fast charge of ff powder and a roundball too! just wrap the end of the paper around a patched ball tye the tube with some sinew and then por in the charge of powder,you then try the bottom of the folded over paper and then add a little wax on ithe ends to seal them agin the elements,this way if your attacked you can run and load at the same time pert quick as a cat!,save one without a patch tho as you can still shoot an enemy on your heels pretty quick after firing a shot and dodging to the next tree,just bit the paper end with wax off,charge the bore drop the ball in and tamp pull the rod and when ya see that old enemy lettem have it!the french were firing 3-4 times a minute at us in woods battles,we couldnt understand it how they were doing this,making us think theyres more of them than thought,i met an old indian/frencman trader who showed me this trick but i wouldnt use that trick for ahunting gamefor the table as its only accurate on enemy sized targets!

Submitted by: patchbox - on December 06, 2001

Jason W. Gatliff
Historical Enterprises

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