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  Topic: Canteen Strap

Replies: 6
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PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:56 am   Subject: Canteen Strap
I would be interested in seeing this canteen, especially since there was no canteens issued be the French army till iirc the first quarter of the 19th century. I would not cover it, as cloth covered c ...
  Topic: Flintlock identification

Replies: 4
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PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:24 am   Subject: Flintlock identification
I don't know about the unmarked lock but it seems like Turner Kirkland {Dixie} may have once offered either a gun or just the lock marked,"Blount Co".
Tom Patton
  Topic: Southern Colonial History Overview

Replies: 10
Views: 11233

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:16 am   Subject: Southern Colonial History Overview
Also read the Bartram's journals of his journey through the southern colonies.

I whol ...
  Topic: Scots bonnets

Replies: 10
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PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:37 am   Subject: Scots bonnets
Dick Bray makes the very best hand knitted scots bonnets of which I am aware. I still have one from my pre Indian days.The latest address that I have is:

89 West Main St. Mohawk,N.Y. 13407
{315} 8 ...
  Topic: drill a hole in hardened steel

Replies: 13
Views: 11848

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:25 am   Subject: drill a hole in hardened steel
Hey Rich,
Speaking of old fashioned techniques, did you ever try sticking the blade into a potato to absorb the heat? I have heard of this along with some other equally ancient methods. ...
  Topic: The first trade muskets?

Replies: 20
Views: 18595

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:05 pm   Subject: The first trade muskets?
Will,I have fought this battle over the English lock vs the "dog catch til I was blue in the face. Get Kenny to help. He has the stuff I sent him.
Tom Patton
  Topic: The first trade muskets?

Replies: 20
Views: 18595

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:02 pm   Subject: The first trade muskets?
rheastAlso you may want to check out -

This has most all of the contact period accounts in it printed in full f ...
  Topic: Moving the novel to 1585?

Replies: 8
Views: 7034

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:41 am   Subject: Moving the novel to 1585?
In that period think arquebus and its smaller version the caliver.I can find no reference to the term,"matchlock" as a type of gun prior to the 19th century.The tendency of referring to a f ...
  Topic: I need some brains...Part Deux

Replies: 3
Views: 4233

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:44 am   Subject: I need some brains...Part Deux
I'm glad to hear that I can get brains from Krogers, I have been wanting to fix some brains and scrambled eggs like I had growing up at my grandmother's house.With the small tubs I can freeze some.
T ...
  Topic: overlapping time periods...results?

Replies: 11
Views: 9017

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:53 pm   Subject: overlapping time periods...results?
1812 is pretty much a non-issue in SC.

Last Saturday I went to a CW event. Stayed about an hour, then left and went to Ninety-Six. That was a very good move. CW won't have any effect on me.

S ...
  Topic: blackpowder sludge run marks on stock

Replies: 9
Views: 7541

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:31 am   Subject: blackpowder sludge run marks on stock
Some consider all marks, dings and stains as "signs of honor".

YEP,sure do,been there- done that

On my French gun before the final finishing {and I don't have a clue what it was} Me ...
  Topic: Sitting Fox Muzzleloaders

Replies: 48
Views: 52302

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:19 am   Subject: Sitting Fox Muzzleloaders
Actually Fitz,I had something a wee bit stronger in mind.
  Topic: Sitting Fox Muzzleloaders

Replies: 48
Views: 52302

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:25 am   Subject: Sitting Fox Muzzleloaders
Will,that was one Helluva good post and covers ground that I was about to discuss. I have two composite guns from that general area {New England and New York}. One is, I believe, a Conn. gun with my a ...
  Topic: How many built their own?

Replies: 6
Views: 6356

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:47 am   Subject: How many built their own?
There are two myths invented by the modern {late 19th and early 20th centuries} mind which are applicable here. One is the ubiquitous farmer /blacksmith producing guns on the frontier and the other is ...
  Topic: english officers fusil,,,,,were they fancy or plain

Replies: 17
Views: 17567

PostForum: Message Board   Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:43 pm   Subject: english officers fusil,,,,,were they fancy or plain
I agree and one of the finest fusils of which I an aware is a truly magnificent example made by John Fox Twigg of London.Replete with silver mounts and and various engraved martial motifs plus an unk ...
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